Miscellaneous parts I need for my '77 Wagoneer

There are a number of items I need to steal from a parts rig sometime. Unless otherwise noted, all items should be original factory style. The exterior body is dark brown and the interior is light tan. Here's the list:


  • The horn panel in my steering wheel is loose and floppy. One screw hole in the back was goobered up with a wood screw. I might be able to jury-rig something, but I'd rather use a bolt-in replacement.
  • Something about my turn signal / cruise control lever is obviously not factory, but I've never looked closely at a factory one, so I don't know quite what's wrong. If you've got a photo of one... I'm pretty sure the entire cruise control system is aftermarket, but it doesn't work.
  • A working clock to mount just to the right of the radio. I already have two that don't work.
  • A tan roof-mounted center console from an '89-91 GW would be cool to have.
  • The carpet, especially the passenger front floor and the rear wheel wells, is in bad shape. ACC sells new ones.
  • The driver's seat back leans rearward at the right shoulder. I might be able to fix this myself, but haven't looked into exactly what's wrong yet. Maybe it'll need to be replaced.


  • I need some larger mirrors if I'm going to tow with it regularly. I'd like to find some factory-original 3-point towing mirrors, but I'll settle for any old large, away-from-the-body mirrors if I have to.
  • A rear visor for the above the tailgate window is reported to do a great job of keeping the rear window clean.


  • Proper CTO switches (yellow 2-port and grey 3-port) for the EGR and distributor advance systems.

Found (thanks Bob, Mo & yard)

  • All four adjustable vents from the under-dash A/C unit. The little piece that keeps all the fins parallel is broken on all four of my vents. Also black.
  • Two window cranks (back left & front right).
  • One metal strip from the carpeted area of the tailgate.
  • Radiator coolant overflow tank & hose. The hose from my radiator cap is snipped off & hanging loose.
  • The air pump is missing. The only bracket I have for it is the one used by the P/S pump, so I might be missing some brackets, too.
  • Original glove box label for full-time QuadraTrac (mine was converted to part time).
  • Wrench for the luggage rack adjustable nuts.
  • The plastic dash label for the electric rear window switch. I have the switch, but my plastic up/down label piece is broken.
  • Clock or something to fill the spot on the right side of the radio. My new stereo will certainly come with a clock, so something else to fill the hole would be fine. Maybe a second ash tray or a piece of spice-colored plastic into which I can mount a second lighter jack.
  • Front left side marker light cover (the one on the fender, not the grille) (amber).
  • Rear license plate lamp.
  • Black plastic "3-prong & post" fasteners for the grille (can't locate new ones that are quite right).
  • Underhood light.
  • Both knobs (blower fan & temp gauge) and the faceplate from the under-dash A/C unit (black), as well as the entire fan speed switch. At least some '79 Wags use different switches, so although those knobs will fit on the switch shafts, they don't line up properly with the labels on the panel. Better than nothing, but not perfect. I'm not sure about '78's.
  • Knob for a fresh air vent.
  • Knob for the windshield wipers.
  • Knob is broken off the steering wheel tilt lever.

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last updated 5 Oct 2002
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