3rd Annual
Flatlanders 4x4 Fest
Saturday, 6 May 2000

Some shots of the whoop-de-doos:
ZJ catches air on the steep one
Bob Blair makes the world's slowest climb
Red CJ
Green CJ spins small rooster tails

This CJ blew a hub climbing the middle whoop-de-doo:
The hub
The owner describing how it happened
Fixing the breakage

A TJ had to get yanked out of the creek bed just south of the whoop-de-doos:
Turn your wheels!
That's better (note the cool SD license plate)
Almost done

Climbing some rocks onto the plateau at the top of a trail a bit south of the above creek:
TJ flexing
Same TJ again
CJ trying in vain to flex

The couple who pulled out the maroon TJ above apparently hit a sharp rock and punctured a tire at the very top of the plateau. My compressor and impact wrench sped recovery up a bit:
Is this too big for a tire plug?
The proud parents

We ran into the other medium group trying to catch up after the flat tire:
Bob Butcher's War Wagon
The tallest rig at the 4x4 Fest

Stacy finally got a shot of me (from a bit too close) descending the ledges:
Top of the rock
A little bit of flex
Nose down
A little more flex
Taking the plunge
Zoom out!
No, I didn't ever hit bottom. Love that 18" of clearance!
You could practically walk under there

The steering shaft on this CJ acted up, making his steering ability iffy at best. The ZJ and I escorted him back to the Randolph Park before lunch:
Bob Belbeck examines the damage

At lunch, I discovered that Mike's TJ from the easy group was unable to shift into 4-lo thanks to a poorly-installed lift kit. Bob Taylor (the Gloved One) and I used our nimble fingers and my pneumatic cut-off wheel to correct the problem:
Watch your fingers, Bob. Wouldn't want to damage those gloves!
Enlarging the hole to allow shift linkage clearance
The Gloved One waives to the camera
Hey, nice glove!
Obi-Wan sandbagging
Jeep repair is hard work... must rest
Bob finds his yoga positions useful for Jeep repair

After repairing Mike's TJ, we headed out for an hour of wheeling. First, the whoop-de-doos:
The Taylors climb the medium hill while a Chevy is high-centered on the hard hill
Jim and Michelle Davis passing by
Jim and Michelle climbing

West of the whoops, through the creek, then a hard left up a steep hill:
The wounded TJ in action
...and climbing the mini-ledge at the top
The Taylors
Sue waives. Someone lost interest.
Jim and Michelle
"Did you feel a bump, honey?"

Jeff takes the easy route up to the plateau:
Jeff's red TJ

Leaving the plateau via the same dropoff we climbed that morning:
Bob Taylor waits for the spotting committee
Bob flexes a little
Bob flexes a little more
Jim Davis takes the plunge
Jim flexes a little
Jim maxed out -- front left is floating
We talked Jeff into it
The requisite flex shot
Mike kisses his flares
...then shows off his new shocks
Michelle wonders what that noise was
Jim thinks the exhaust is doomed. He was wrong, fortunately

The Gloved One stole my camera for a moment:
Sue Taylor salutes her husband
Michelle says hi once
...then twice
...but quickly grows tired of Bob

David Rush posted some more pics here. Most of them are from the morning preparations and the easy trail group.

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last updated 9 May 2000
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